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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
But even that doesn't make sense. There's good meta humans and bad ones even if they weren't born a mutant. Their physiology is altered to make them a threat so why is one hated and one not? Simple. The X-men weren't created to make sense as much as to make a statement of being against bigotry and intolerance to others that are different. Even that is sort of lost in the current x-men movies and comics.
There are good and people in every group. All Muslims are not terrorists planning on causing the downfall of the Western world...but many people act like they are. Not all Christians are narrow minded uptight bigots...but many people act they are.

Yes, the XMEN were created as a statement about bigotry and intolerance of the times....that it still holds true today. People tend to be afraid of and hate what they are not and do not understand. The first time the most of the public heard of the FF...they were fighting to save the city of New York. The first time most of the public heard of the XMEN is because of the destruction caused by mutants fighting mutants. People's first perceptions are always hard to overcome.

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