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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Well, they won't ALL be in one universe. It will be X-Men + F4. Both products of radiation, in fact!
X-Men a product of radiation??

And we don't yet know exactly how the films will deal with the emergence of the Fantastic Four. Maybe it will be a slower progression towards public acceptance.
See now if you have to change all that just so it'll make sense/fit in the X-Men only universe it'll take the team out of character because in the comics they were celebrities from the beginning. Hence why I'm against the shared FF/X-Men universe without the rest of the MCU. X-Men makes more sense to exist in the universe on their own where the only super powered beings are genetic mutants and no modified mutates.

The other thing is that in the comics, there has been prejudice against superhumans other than mutants. In the DoFP comics, the Sentinels turned on all superhumans in the end, not just mutants, and we see the graves of the F4 and a montage of dead heroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America. In fact, there has also been a Superhuman Registration Act in which all superbeings were targeted - it first appeared in the 1990 comics and then as part of the 2006 crossover Civil War.
True but that only would need to be addressed if Marvel were to get the rights back to the X-Men (Which will never happen) and I'm sure this version of DOFP will be the eliminating of X-Gene mutants only..

Plus, Reed and Sue Richards have a mutant son, Franklin, who is part of DoFP in the comics.
On a side note on Franklin is that the only reason he's classified as a Mutants cause he was born with powers. But he was not born with the X-Gene as other mutants as his powers derive from his parents cosmic radiation exposure. So in reality he's really not a mutant, though if the definition is "born with powers" then he is. He has cosmically mutated genes.

All that points to the fact that it's not as clear-cut you may want to think.

In addition, there have been mutants in the Avengers, including Beast, Scarlet Witch, and they don't seem to face the same prejudice as Avengers as they did as X-Men.
I look at them like this. Say you have a prejudice against African- Americans that they are Criminal, drug dealing, gun toting, Thugs and listen to rap music. So, then you meet one that doesn't fit those descriptions. Has a good corporate job, Nice family, and listens to classical music.. They'll tend to justify that African American as I still have prejudice but he/she aren't like the rest of them. He/she is OK. So once Beast,Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver joined the Avengers they were considered the OK mutants and not like the others. Its stupid but that is based on normal, but ignorant human behavior.

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