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Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I don't need to check any facts. You do.

The X-Men COMICS referred to them as 'children of the atom', and also mentioned radiation several other times as a factor in producing mutants.

As I said - if you could please read my reply again, properly this time - mutations can occur spontaneously, without any obvious cause. But they can also be triggered by external factors, including radiation - whether naturally occurring (like that from the sun, other parts of space, or from radioactive elements in rocks in the Earth) or man-made (nuclear weapons, nuclear power stations etc).

In the COMICS, Xavier's parents worked on the atom bomb. In the COMICS, Beast was made blue and furry by a chemical advancing his mutation. In the COMICS, the Sentinels were convinced that radiation was the cause of mutation and that to eliminate mutation, they should eliminate the primary cause of radiation on earth - the sun. They flew into the sun and were destroyed. I also believe Sunfire mentioned his parents as victims of the Hiroshima blast, hinting at that being a factor in his being a mutant.

Bottom line = radiation is a factor in mutations. In First Class, they said the nuclear age had led to the sudden appearance of many more of these superpowered mutants than might otherwise happen naturally. That explains the long gap between Apocalypse emerging and the mutants of the 1960s, as there weren't many other known superhumans in the period between.
Bingo. Also, in addition to Charles Xavier, Beast's mutation is attributed to his father’s exposure to radiation while working at a nuclear power plant. Then, there are mutants like Cyclops and Havok, who derive their powers from the sun and by absorbing ambient radiation in the atmosphere. Moreover, in The Animated Series, when asked by Rogue what makes mutants like they are, Beast replies, "Gamma Rays, O-Zone depletion, television."

Where do people think titles like “X-Men: Children of The Atom” come from? Radiation and radiation exposure have been linked to the X-Men since their inception. It's certainly not an idea made up by Fox.

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