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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

Originally Posted by Dark Sentinel View Post
Ok, so I've been thinking about this lately in regards to I-502 & A-64, and the report of Northeastern states following suit, in particular the Obama administration's reaction (or lack thereof). Go with me on this.

In Obama's first term he implemented two stimulus packages, and the economy didn't really react much. We've gone from a "recession" into what I call a "rutcession": not terrible, but definitely not great.
Prop19 failed in California in 2010 because Atty. Gen. Holder issued a statement right before the election condemning the act and threatening to use all DEA resources to keep the Controlled Substances Act in force. This year, with not one not two but THREE similar proposals on the ballot? Not a word.
Now, whether this was due to Obama's focus on his reelection campaign or the fiscal cliff crisis or whatever, is it possible to think that Obama just may be rethinking his stance on the issue? He obviously wants to repeat Clinton and get us back to a surplus, what if he comes out pro-legalization, it passes, and the economy jolts to life again?

Would love to hear your thoughts guys, this is a great discussion. Goodnight!
If he does anything regarding it, he would probably decriminize Marijuana on a federal level and hand the power back to the States to ban and/or regulate it as each State sees fit.

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