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Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Only because I think the whole 'why the world needs Superman' will be the 'higher form of war' Zod brings to Earth.
I personally hope not.So basically Superman exists to fight alien invasions.That seems more in line with Greeen lantern.

What i want is for MOS to show tht the world is suffering and needs a Superman and not because Zod showed up.

One idea i had on how it cld be handled is to potray the earth as a dying planet.L ooking at our world its not that hard a leap-Potray the world as one that frequently suffers natural disaterss causing despair around the world.As a result of the disasters we have evil people taking advantage of it to cause chaos around the world.Basically the world is in a Dark place before Zod shows up.Superman becomes a hero to change all that

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