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Default Re: Episode 14:The Odyssey- Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by Fives View Post
It was a great episode. It handled the flashbacks, and current scenes the best so far. She'll definitely be sticking around longer then she thinkgs. She's really good looking .

Slade vs Wintergreen was badass. I knew Bennett would be a great Slade. I still wonder if Wintergreen really is dead? Probably but you never know. I hope next weeks episode is as good as this.
She amps it up next week as she ends up on first mission, all dressed up at some swank party and ending up wearing a bomb necklace!

If he isn't then I have to wonder what happens on the island that results in the Deathstroke mask with the arrow through it that we saw in all the early promos.

"Now this life is etched in black but I wont be looking back, the rain washed out the tracks, I'll never find again"
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