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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
Yeah, that just added salt to the wound for me. The thing is Marvel stated the Mandarin character is racist and that they were worried about offending people as the reason behind why fans were not getting a more traditional Mandarin, and yet they had Ben Kingsley who is at least partially asian playing a bad @$$ terrorist with many attributes that personified the look and presence of the character from the comics, and then they proceeded to make him into a joke. Well to me making a joke out of a character could be construed as more of a racist move then if they had just continued to let him be the bad @$$ he was in the beginning of the film. I mean if you were in high school and you were considered to be a bad @$$ that would not be a bad thing, but if someone considered you to be a joke, well then you were probably going to be picked on and treated poorly. So, being a joke in my opinion can be equated to being treated poorly and since the person in this instance was Asian and had some similarities to the so called racist version in the comics then it could be said not only did they have a character that appeared racist in the movie, but that they choose to poke, prod and make jokes out of the racist character, which to me equates to a verbal bashing of the Asian community a lot more then if they had just taken the character seriously from the get go. Not to mention I feel like Studios are always so worried about pleasing audience members that are new to the characters and genre, over long time fans. It's frustrating when I have some audience member that has never read a comic in there life be the audience that they are targeting, while me and many other fans that have stuck by them through many years of stories, through their ups and downs and we get the shaft. It really urks me to no end. I mean sure I realize they are a corporation and they have to think in terms of money, but why do they have so little faith in their characters. Instead of changing the characters make other audience members fall in love with the characters and make them see what many of us fans have already found in comics. Embrace the comics damn it, and stop trying to make everything have to be so damn realistic all the time. The idea of comics is to enter a fantasy realm, where anything is possible, and sure it's nice when things seem plausible, but don't over think everything. Not everything needs to be explained down to every little detail. It's okay to let peoples imaginations work a little. Also, not every movie needs to be dark or funny. I feel like Marvel lately has gotten this cookie cutter type attitude towards their movies, where they think it requires 20% comedy 40% action, 20% character development or something like that. These movies can not all be done as the same equation, so I feel like they need to rethink things.

Well that is all I got right now.

Again, Mandarin was not much of a character in the comics, his goals and personality seem to change with the writer, so he often comes across as shallow archetype, rather then a fully developed character. Why is Mandarin Iron Man's arch nemesis anyway, he comes across as your average stock villain that you can fit into almost any rogues gallery, its not like he has an interesting personal dynamic with Iron Man. How could the movie "embrace" the comic book Mandarin, when the comic can't even decide what kind of character Mandarin is?

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