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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman!! - Part 8

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
While people are entitled to think what they want about Affleck's suitability for the role, it is really weird to see people trash Ben Affleck's casting because he's not an incredible, transcendent actor, only to then back someone like Scott Adkins, a glorified stuntman who you'd be hard-pressed to find delivering a noteworty acting performance anywhere. Thinking Affleck's not good enough an actor is one thing, feeling the need to have someone with the physicality of Adkins in the role is another, but "I hate Ben Affleck for Batman because he's a bad actor, so I want Scott Adkins for the role?" Does... not... compute.

I think it was regret who said it was a bit like someone turning up their nose at a vacation to Venice because the views weren't scenic enough, only for them to then suggest a trip to Detroit instead.
Here's the thing. Human beings are not cattle. Preference of any kind is never factual, nor can be. There is no objectivity of any kind in preference.

Say you prefer A as opposed to B, and 10000 people prefer B as opposed to A, that doesn't mean its a fact that B is better than A. Your preference remains AS WEIGHTY AS that of a 10000 people because again there is nothing factual here, only subjective opinions.

Anybody can want or prefer anything over anything else. Modern culture would like you to believe that humans are indeed cattle and the purpose of life is a furious dash towards consensus and conformity but that's not it.

Of course all this might be beyond the comprehension of fanboys but its a modern malaise of society that can't be helped it seems.

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