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Default Re: Robots in Disguise, Transformers RPG - Season I IC Thread

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

By the time we hit Broad Street, we're doing well over seventy miles per hour. I weave between cars, doing my best not to cause any collateral damage. My target isn't so conscientious. He broadsides anything in his way, leaving a trail of carnage in his wake. It only strengthens my resolve. Police cruisers are in pursuit, but they're never going to catch us. No. The responsibility falls on me now.

My radio pops to life as I give chase. The target makes a sharp right turn, and I can't react quick enough. I continue going straight until I see an alleyway. Slamming on the brakes, I powerslide into the alleyway. After dodging a few dumpsters, I emerge on the other side - right behind my target. A big rig driver lays on his horn as I nearly get slagged. I fishtail a bit before resuming my chase.

My target hits the handbrake and performs a perfect 180-degree turn. Facing me, he flips it into reverse and starts flying backwards down the city street.

This is my best chance to strike. I ease on the brake slowly before beginning my transformation. Mechanical pieces twist and turn. My wheels stop spinning and lock into place. The hood folds down and separates into two pieces. As the final touches are perfected, my eyes blink to life.

My target performs a similar transformation. Upon completion, he announces, "I'm impressed! I didn't think you'd be able to follow me for so long." His hand reforms into a cannon. "Well, there's no point in leading you on any further, so do you have anything left to say, Autobot?"

I grin. "A lot, actually," I announce as I draw my handgun. "And the name's Bluestreak." I fire once, missing as he dodges. I tuck and roll to avoid a giant blast from his cannon. The crater in the street smokes threateningly. "I take it you're one of these 'Stunticons' I've heard so much about?" I ask unimpressed.

"You heard right," he acknowledges. As he lines up his shot, he says, "I'm Wildrider, and you're in for a bumpy one." His blast soars past my head, turning a lightpost into molten metal. He sneers and lines up another shot.

With my free hand, I aim my machine gun. Bullets riddle his chest and face, but they seem more like annoyances than actual threats. As I lean to my left, I fire my handgun. It hits him right in the torso. He grunts as he stumbles.

I attempt to come nearer, but a cannon blast which grazes my shoulder makes me think better of it. I look over at the charred metal. I make a mental note not to take one of those blasts to a vital spot. Wildrider aims again, but I shoot him in the shoulder - disabling that arm momentarily.

I once again bring myself closer to his collapsed form. My handgun is inches away from his face. I grit my teeth as I realize this one's for home. I look at the Decepticon symbol on his chest, and the anger bubbles inside me. My free hand squeezes into a fist as I tighten my grip on the trigger.

"Ever killed a bot before, junior?" Wildrider coughs, noticing my hesitation. It's true. I've fought several Decepticons, but I've never actually killed one. I've never had a chance to. Years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed of even fighting. But this is different. They made this personal. "Go ahead. It's easier than you think."

That's when I'm blindsided by something. I collapse in the street, knocking several cars aside. I can't see what's going on, but I can hear it.


"Let's go. I'm tired of pulling you out of trouble."

"What about the Autobot?"

"Forget him. We have bigger bots to fry."

I hear Wildrider transform back into his alternate mode, and the two Stunticons race off. Moments later, police sirens begin to surround me. With a groan, I pull myself up and transform back into the Nissan. With a quick burnout, I take off into the city, hoping to get away from the local police.

I need to find Prime.

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