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Default Re: Robots in Disguise, Transformers RPG - Season I IC Thread

Originally Posted by Syn (Mercenary) View Post
My false smile suddenly becomes harder and harder to fake. I fight back a snarl, holding the metal coverings over my teeth in place with great control. "No, of course not, Lord Megatron," I say, the upward inflection in my tone dropping slightly. "I trust in you, completely."

Pompous pile of slag, I think. First the constructicons fail, now you hope your precious warriors the combaticons will triumph. Fool. Still...Still, I could use this opportunity to my own advantage. "Lord Megatron," I start, bowing my head down before completing my thought. "I was wondering, would it be in your will for me to take my special unit to Earth? My idea would be weaken the Autobots. Make them ripe for the picking, putting them under a constant assault until your faithful Bruticus arrives." I laugh, smiling widely...evily. "In this way, when Bruticus attacks them they will already be fatigued and weak! Their odds of victory would be astronomically small, a miniscule chance for victory on their end."
Barricade could hear Starscream spewing his bile as he approached Megatron and the gathered Decepticon leaders. The fool always thought himself a better leader than Megatron, and countless times he proved himself wrong.

"And what makes you think you would succeed this time, Starscream? Now after your countless failures," he says with an obvious level os distain in his voice. "My lord, I am ready to do your command."

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