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Default Re: No Stan Lee cameo in XMFC: How do you feel about this?

Originally Posted by Storm22 View Post
SM3 is by far his worst cameo imo. The movie was cheesy enough in certain points already, his lines pushed it further over the line.
What was his cameo in that, I forget?

To not have stan, I think will take a way from the comedy of the film in away and is meant for it to be more serious. Big stretch I know, but if you look at all the films he has been in there has been some level of comedic humor and his cameos keep getting funnier and funnier. However, I am all for him to be in it and wish that he was. Heck it would have been nice if they made him Charles' dad or a scientist at the mutant orphanage that Xavier, Raven, and Erik are taken to and acts as their mentor.

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