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Default Re: No Stan Lee cameo in XMFC: How do you feel about this?

Another thing that Is Intresting Is on the Producers commtary on the Last STand
Lauren Shuller Donner openly says she disagreed with brett Ratner on having Rogue take the cure.While the producers laregly tried to praise Ratner's work the comment on
ROgue makes me think when Ratner was hired he was largely given control as long as he
made the may 2006 release.

Tight schedules don't always mean bad films.Bryan Singer had tight schedules with both X-Men and X2.And Vaughn made First Class with tight schedule.

One of these days I would like to see the draft Vaughn worked with Simon Kinberg and Zack Penn of last Stand leak online.This was the draft that Aint It Cool News got ahold of and did partal review.

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