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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

It's interesting how highly regarded the 90's TAS was. And I mean I grew up on it. I loved it. It has nostalgic value to me.

But what I find much more rewarding are stories that grow and evolve and develop and have lingering threads and things that payoff. Besides a couple major multiple-episode events (I'm looking at you (Dark/)Phoenix Saga), every episode of X-Men can act as a standalone.

Wolverine and the X-Men, as well as the last 2 seasons of Evolution, we incredible shows and fun to watch, because there was something at stake, there was something happening, there was an almost-constant building to big events. Besides the Wolverine solo episodes, WatXM is in my opinion one of the best animated series ever.

My hope would be to have an animated series that's almost a fusion of all 3 - but I'd rather have it stay closest to WatXM (and Avengers EMH) than someone nonlinear and nonepisodic like X-Men TAS (or Ultimate Spiderman)

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