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Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
Believe me when I say - I KNEW that so many of you mature reasonable adults would step forward and tell me off. "Get a Life". "Stop Complaining!". "Be happy with what we've got already", etc.. I knew I would be in for hearing this kind of stuff. And I also knew that I wouldn't care, this time around. It has to be said. MOS is WAY too silent! What are you gonna do about it? Complain over me complaining? Seriously, I don't get that they're not promoting this thing more than they are at this point. So there.
Yeah don't listen to these guys, you have it right. I followed Superman Returns through production and remember that there was hardly any marketing for that film. I remember being shocked at how little they were releasing. And now for some reason MOS seems to be doing the same. It's as if they think they don't HAVE to promote it, like just being a Superman movie will sell it.

And the thing is, a Superman movie is the kind of thing that I would think would be easy to promote. You don't even have to release big things, just a new picture of him in the suit floating around doing nothing would get a lot of attention. Easy and cheap.

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