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2. Cut in between the fight scene of superman and general Zod.

Superman heard the scream of help and he sprinted down and caught the falling debris just in time to save a family.
When he was about to say "you are safe", general Zod dove into him and blew him away...
The debris fell and crushed on the family...
Superman was in shock and with his x-ray; he saw all the family member were dead including a kid. The image was getting blurry as tears began to fill up his eyes.
General Zod gave him another blow in the face, sending him across buildings and plummet into the debris.
Superman pulled himself up, injured and in daze.
He saw people dead, injured, crying and running for shelter.
He looked up and saw general Zod hovering in the air; shooting heat eye-beams, destroying missiles and fighting jet planes.
His emotion gradually changed from terror to anger and determination. He knew General Zod must be stopped at all cost.
He Propelled himself up and caught General Zod…

Cut into the final fight scene.

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