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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Sure it does, if said sound effects denote the sound of "wind". Again, her cape and hair are also blowing.

What's so bad about the wirework?

Seeing as how you can't see wind, as has been pointed out several times already, this is kind of a nitpicky complaint if they show the cape, the hair, and some indication of wind when she's in flight or gliding, which they do in several different ways in X3. In the final battle for instance, when wind kicks up during the final battle, dust goes into the air around her until she is taken down.

I can't remember any specific instances where she's actually creating storms and her eyes don't "white out". Were you referring to any in particular? I don't think she was depicted as needing to concentrate that much for just wind.
Well, I never expected to "see" wind since it's invisible. But the effects of it should be seen. It was just inconsistent. In the third act at Alcatraz you can see her hair being blown back as she rises (before Callisto jumps her). But later, when Logan told her to go so he could confront Jean, she just took off like Superman: her eyes stayed brown and there was not even a hint of breeze effect on her or Logan. This detail was also missed in the Danger Room sequence: she was channeling her powers--even transporting Logan with her in one instance--and yet her eyes never went white. If they have to go white when she clears fog at Alkali Lake, when she went airborne at Jean Grey's home, or summons dozens of tornadoes in X2, consistency would suggest the same for the above instances.

Storm's flight abilities are not innate like Superman's: it takes controlled effort. Think about it: to hoist a 100-plus pound object in the air takes a significant gale force. That's why I mentioned the X1 elevator sequence: there was a LOT of wind moving which is why her decending on Toad looked all the more realistic and scary.

Of course, I respect one has to suspend some disbelief. But I do believe that X3's production was a bit inconsistent on those details. The production was so rushed. I also think the producers knew it too; that's why some of the worst examples got cut. One was a "tidal wave" sequence where Storm is floating in mid air and nothing is blowing at all.

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