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Default Re: how to get the non-fan / general public interested in MOS?

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Yes. But pointing out Supes’ “mystique” and undeniable fame and ubiquity as an icon is somewhat irrelevant to the issue of creating interesting Superman stories (movies) that the general public will flock to see.
I don't think it's irrelevant at all. It's not 'enough' but the fact that the movie has built in marketing isn't a bad thing. The truth is that if this movie can capture that 'hip' teenage demo it will be on par, commercially and critically, with TDK, because all other other demographics are already invested in the character and aren't preoccupied with 'cooler' heroes. That's why they're making a Superman movie and not a Captain Marvel movie.

On the topic, I think they can follow the same steps they did with Batman Begins in order to get the general public interested:

1) Put the character in a place we've never seen him before. Clark as a photographer in Africa ala Birthright instantly puts the audience into 'this is not your father's superman' mode. This also includes not trying to establish his full comic book status quo by act 2.

2) Buck the traditional superhero formula. Begins did this with flashbacks very well, something along those lines would be great.

3) Get away from the one note take on the character. If you sum the character up as "Clark is who I am, Superman is what I do" then you've missed a chance to make a character worth talking about.

4) Humble the character. Baleman did this by starting him in prison at the mercy of the League. They combined this with number one wisely. This point is important for bridging the audience from 'our' world to the 'cartoon' world they'll be entering. They can take the ride up with the character, instead of seeing someone who starts out above them and just watch them ascend higher.

It also satisfies the hater that lives in a good chunk of the general audience that wants to see pain, that wants to see greatness earned, and thinks superman is too perfect and too boring because he doesn't make mistakes. The same reasons that many who've grown weary of Batman dislike him. Nolan answered that by humbling him and making him earn it. He was no longer a spoiled rich brat crying for mommy and daddy. He even earned his own company. That aspect of a character arc is important, and if they include it in MOS, the movie will be received much better, even if that aspect is not commented on.

Including this humility in the trailer, again, as Batman Begins did, will silence and bring in all but the most die hard of Superman haters, I think.

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