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Default Re: 11.1 - Guardian - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

* Season 11 will likely be revisiting the concept of an all female hero story.

* Writing for the page rather than screen means there’s room for more classic Clark/Lois banter in the comic than Miller was able to include in most episodes of the show.

* Somewhat vague hint Bart might return.

* DC editorial hasn’t been providing BQM with very many restrictions or guidelines. The design of Clark’s Superman costume is one of the few examples of DC getting involved.

* Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer will show up in the second “episode” of the comic.

* Frank “the newsstand guy” will be making an appearance.

* There’s is no sign of Cat Grant appearing yet, but it could happen at some point in the future.

* There will be “loads” of Lois and Clark.

* There is a conscious effort to keep Clark in the comic as much as possible. Clark is “front and center.”

* There will be “tons” less angst with Clark now that he's Superman.

* As Superman, Clark can stay behind and shake hands. He can give advice and encouragement. He has a different set of responsibilities. He inspires people.

* The first scene in Week 2 features Clark and Lois catching up while Clark is brushing his teeth. The idea is to make sure the comic presents these characters as “real people.”

* Tess’s death is not something that’s brushed under the rug. It’s definitely something everyone is aware of.

* Clark’s inner circle will struggle with accepting Lex’s claims he’s a new man without any memories, especially since they suspect he killed Tess. However, they are hesitant to do anything about their suspicions out of fear they might expose their own secrets. It’s a very “tricky” situation for everyone.

* Lex possesses instincts that are tied to his past memories, but not specific information about his memories. It’s instinct not information. However, BQM didn’t dismiss the possibility Lex could gather some of this information from newspapers, photos, paintings, etc.

* When asked if Lex would be attempting to reclaim his memories, BQM admitted he would like to reveal more but could not do so without giving away too many spoilers.

* Miller is proud to have written some Chloe dialogue without extensive metaphor and is trying to avoid having Lex quote classic literature like Art of War.

* There’s a fun scene in the first 30 pages that addresses whether or not Clark (not Superman) is on Lex Luthor’s radar.

* There will be a decent amount of Superman/Lex scenes.

* By the time readers get to the end of the first 12 weeks (Episode #1), Chloe and Oliver will be the “in” to the “larger mythology of the season.”

* Green Arrow isn’t as needed as before. Chloe and Oliver are eager to start their married lives together in Star City, but things keep pulling them back to Metropolis. There’s a much larger problem they have to address.

* A “full on” Justice League thing likely won’t be happening until the very end. New characters will be added to the roster throughout the season, though.

* At some point, Martha will come up in part to explain where Shelby is.

* Clark and Lois are still going to be living at their apartment. They’re going to be trying to figure out what to do with all of their wedding presents, since they had to cancel the wedding yet still intend to get married someday.

* The comic has a definite in the city vibe of Metropolis.

* In the comic, BQM hasn’t yet answered the question: do the Kents own the farm? The interviewers remind Miller the farm is still in the family in 2017, according to “Homecoming.” Miller reminds them that because Clark saw his future in “Homecoming,” he may have caused a few ripple effects. So some of the future details of “Homecoming” may be in play.

* Neither Lana, Pete, or Conner will have a story of some kind in Season 11.

* Hank Henshaw will be a former astronaut who will serve partly as a commentary on the current state of the space program.

* Something happens in space that sets things in motion in “Guardian.”

* It’s nice to have Lois’s voice because she can come in and say “this is bunk.” Basically, she’s the voice of the audience.

* There will likely be “flashback” panels to explain past events referenced in the comic.

* It seems one story might recount an event that occurred on the show only it will be told from another point of view. This sort of storytelling advice will likely be used once or rarely.

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