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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Batman being able to keep up with Superman is PIS when you consider the fact that Supes can moves FASTER THAN LIGHT! Seriously, of course he's not going to get "owned" simply because he's so popular but most of the time he beats someone of that caliber it's pure nonesense.

No Thor's combat experience doesn't "stem" from his hammer since he's trained in hand to hand combat and a variety of other melee weapons.

Batman has been able to dodge Darkside's Omega's beams which are close to FTL or FTL an itself, so since he's done that it's conceiveable he can fight superman on his own terms FTL or slower.

He doesn't get "owned" for the simple fact besides strength, speed and flight batman has the decisive advantage over superman. Batman is a better fighter, smarter, more inteligent, cunning, better battle tactician, willing to do anything to win a fight, etc.. etc...

Thor has training but he relies on the hammer way to much, his hand to hand is inferior to someone like batman who has bested richard dragon, lady shiva, etc.. on various occassions.

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