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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by Jplaya2023 View Post
Thor's combat experience stems from the hammer, it's way to slow to hit someone like batman who has effortlessly dodged omega beam blast from darkside which he commented on the fact he's the first to dodge them.
1) Thor has more than thousand (!) years of combat experience. I'm pretty sure that Batman can't top that.

2) Agreed, Batman has peak human agility and speed. However, Thor has defeated enemies that are much more agile and faster than any non-superhuman enemy could ever be: Silver Surfer, Asgardian Dark Elves, Mongoose...

Spider-Man for example is definitely faster than Batman, and Thor wouldn't have any problems with defeating Spider-Man either.

And sorry, Batman's suit wouldn't protect him from Thor's lightning. It didn't protect him from Firefly's fire (which is of course less powerful than Thor's lightning), it only reduced the damage a litte bit.

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