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Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post
1) Thor has more than thousand (!) years of combat experience. I'm pretty sure that Batman can't top that.

2) Agreed, Batman has peak human agility and speed. However, Thor has defeated enemies that are much more agile and faster than any non-superhuman enemy could ever be: Silver Surfer, Asgardian Dark Elves, Mongoose...

Spider-Man for example is definitely faster than Batman, and Thor wouldn't have any problems with defeating Spider-Man either.

And sorry, Batman's suit wouldn't protect him from Thor's lightning. It didn't protect him from Firefly's fire (which is of course less powerful than Thor's lightning), it only reduced the damage a litte bit.

1. Batman has trained with all the best martial artist from planet earth and beyond. He knows over 1000 techniques, abilities etc.. Thor relies on his hammer, and never uses the training he received. He's contempt while batman learns new techniques everyday.

2. Batman has FTL reaction times as evidenced of him dodging Darkseid's omega's beans to which he said (no one had been able to dodge my omega beams before). Batman has dodged bullets that travel and average 4,440KM/HR. He has the ability to dodge numerous bullets in point blank range all the time.

3. Spider-man's speed is predicated on his spider sense, he's moving before he's suppose to be moving, so in reality spider-man is also FTL like Batman is.

4. Batman's suits have protected him from radiation poisoning, superman's heat vision, ice breath, and anything else you can think of. It will surely protect against some lightning, heck batman has FTL reactions so he would dodge it honestly.

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