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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Elizah .....

The point is if Surtur is to be used, whether in this film or the next he will have been PRE-PLANNED and the EFX house(s) will have already been at work to bring him to the screen. They wouldn't just go "Oh you know what, we should use Surtur!" in the middle of the production and post process, whereby pushing back the film date.

Even if they were saving him for Thor 3, what is this comment about it delaying us getting the next sequel? TDW just wrapped up filming. There's still Avengers 2. We're not seeing Thor 3 for a good 3-4 years at the least. By the comments you posted in regards to almost a 2 year process rendering a character like the Hulk, that's MORE than enough time to get Surtur ready.
yeah, agreed. Her point though seems to be regarding the budget issues, due to hulk being expensive, thus his..limmitted time on screen, but it's slightly different. Yeah, using Surtur in a movie similar to avengers could be in an issue, but in a movie for a solo character, and if they have all this time to plan, I don't think they will run into financial issues regarding modelling/using a character in the film. As I said, yes, smaller budget, but thor isn't going to have a very detailed hulk to design by ILM, nor will he have an army of chitauri (this point could be irrelevant), nor will it have 5 or 6 lead actors to pay for, along with modelling an ENTIRE city, and Ironman, and other characters that need CGI moments.

Again, to Elizah, I wouldn't worry too much aabout being a financial issue when they use Surtur. They will figure their stuff out.

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