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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I vaguely remember mention somewhere of something in Avengers that wasn't actually finished until a week or so prior to the movie release date. Can't recall what it was...
Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Patently false.
Hm. funny how I didnt get so much as an apology/retraction for this statement even though I have a direct quote from the writer/director stating exactly what I said I had "vaguely" remembered.

And I NEVER suggested that they would all the sudden mid production or post production decide to add Surtur and that would delay the next sequel. That would be pretty stupid of them, and stupid of anyone to think that. I am not stupid, nor am I a liar. I would appreciate it if you would please stop changing my words around into something you can attack and belittle.

What I said was: "So the more that character is on screen the longer it takes for them to get the job done (and the longer it takes for us to get another sequel!). "

That is referring to A LOT of screen time for the CGI character delaying things, not use of him at all. The more he's on screen the longer it'll take to get the job done and the more expensive, that is just common sense. That's why I quoted Joss above saying they'd have used Hulk more but "it's incredibly difficult and expensive." and also that "We had 2 years from the time I took the job until the movie had to come out, which is not enough years." So timing seems fine to have Surtur in it some in Thor 2, but I wouldnt count on him standing around for half the movie. Of course they'd have planned for having him in it long ago, if they are going to have him in Thor 2, but it's likely going to amount to no more than Hulk's screentime is what' I'm getting at. That's my guess anyway. If that's they case they likely started working on him when Thor 1 first came out, after Marvel had a chance to gauge the response to the first one. This is all assuming they had the idea to use Surtur in Thor 2 at that time, but we have no way of knowing that for sure until the movie comes out or something slips out about it. But still, if the Chitauri and the Hulk in Avengers is any indication, and I'm sure there will be other CGI creatures other than Surtur in Thor 2, fire demons maybe as an example, then the work done on the Chitauri and Hulk in Avengers is probably similar to the amount of expense and time and screentime, or in some ways maybe less that they would give to Surtur, and other CGI creatures in the film. Which is why I brought it up.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I wouldn't worry too much about Surtur.
honestly, right now, I couldnt care less about Surtur. Generally my feeling is the more live action characters the better. I really only brought it up because I didnt want you to get your hopes too far up for like A LOT of him in this movie or the next one.

If he was pre planned for Thor 2, then they've already been working on him, possibly before Thor 1 was even out, or maybe not, maybe that's part of what the pushing back of the release date to Nov. was about. I have no idea. Either way, if he's in it, he's in it, if he's not, he's not. I just dont think you should expect much more time for him than the Hulk, due to cost and time (per my quotes), and there are likely to be lots of other effects and CGI characters in addition to Surtur in this film, if he's in it, adding to cost and time too.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
As I said, yes, smaller budget, but thor isn't going to have a very detailed hulk to design by ILM, nor will he have an army of chitauri (this point could be irrelevant), nor will it have 5 or 6 lead actors to pay for, along with modelling an ENTIRE city, and Ironman, and other characters that need CGI moments.
on the bolded, you don't think there is going to be a BIG fight in London? Possibly nearly as big as the fight in NY was in Avengers?

also in that interview with the VFX people, she says "There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn’t reveal at the moment but very soon I will."

a couple CG characters plural, probably not an army of Chitauri, however, also a smaller budget, as you said.

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