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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

honestly, right now, I couldnt care less about Surtur. Generally my feeling is the more live action characters the better. I really only brought it up because I didnt want you to get your hopes too far up for like A LOT of him in this movie or the next one.
lol Elizah, you are speaking this as a fact, when it is not. There are plenty of films where a fully CGI character has had plenty of screen time. Using some circumstances in Avengers 1 is not enough to make such a conclusion that he won't appear much because of similar reasons. They are film companies, trust them. If they want to have a lot of Surtur in Thor 2. They will. If they want to have a lot of surtur in thor 3, they will, and they will spend wisely. Again, when it comes to Surtur having limmitted screen time, there is nothing to worry about. Trust me

[QUOTE]If he was pre planned for Thor 2, then they've already been working on him, possibly before Thor 1 was even out, or maybe not, maybe that's part of what the pushing back of the release date to Nov. was about. I have no idea. Either way, if he's in it, he's in it, if he's not, he's not. I just dont think you should expect much more time for him than the Hulk, due to cost and time (per my quotes), and there are likely to be lots of other effects and CGI characters in addition to Surtur in this film, if he's in it, adding to cost and time too.

]Again, the Hulk reasonings are totally different. There was a lot of detail towards Hulk, and it was his big thing. Yes, there other other CGI characters that will be used, but it probably isn't going to be as much as the avengers, and the actor saleries are not going to be nearly as high, in total. Like I said, using the hulk situation as your reasoning for why we may not get a lot of surtur, whenever he appears (which i don't even think will be in this movie right now), really doesn't hold. It's a different movie, different circumstances, different things to pay for. IF surtur is in this, it wouldn't be a lot regardless of money. He's not the primary antagonist, by default, even if he was portrayable by an actor, he wouldn't have a lot of screen time.

Thor 3 though, we don't know if he CANT have a lot of screen timee
on the bolded, you don't think there is going to be a BIG fight in London? Possibly nearly as big as the fight in NY was in Avengers?
Yes. As big as the NY fight, not at all lol.

The ENTIRE bit of new york city was cgi for that movie. every building we saw in that battle was not there, it was ALL cgi. Essentially, the last 45 minutes of that movie was freakin ALL cgi lol. THAT costs a lot of money.

also in that interview with the VFX people, she says "There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn’t reveal at the moment but very soon I will."

a couple CG characters plural, probably not an army of Chitauri, however, also a smaller budget, as you said.
I know, I read them, but again, I think you are worrying too much. a couple of cg characters, for all we know they could be cameos, or not. We don't know yet. Again, Avengers is a completely different movie, with totally different circumstances and factors and things being payed for, it's not to worry. PLENTY of movies have found their ways to create large cgi characters and use them in their films...transformers, same company ILM. Avengers is different, if they plan on having Surtur carrying a movie, they'll find a way to make it work in their budget. That's what filmm studios do, not to worry.

Limmitting Surtur's screen time due to spending is not, and will not be an issue, there's nothing to be concerned about, they are professionals, and they can make it work.

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