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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Many people r talking this Thor vs JLA ********. There is one member on JLA who is capable of and has fought (even killed one) Gods before. That's Wonder Woman. How can you argue that the Asgardian Gods from Marvel r more powerful than the Olympians from DC? And besides, according to New 52 (which is the present continuity), WW is Zeus' daughter. So technically, she has all of his godly powers which have been suppressed by those (trademark) bracelets of hers. So, in a fight against Thor, she would be pretty much evenly matched against him.
As for the Batman vs Captain America debate, that's a joke too. Batman has beaten Riddler (who is cleverer than Cap) and Clayface (stronger than Cap). He has also beaten Bane, who is both stronger and smarter than Cap. And haven't you guys read TDKR or Tower of Babel? Batman can beat ANYBODY.

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