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Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
There is a big difference between searching for specific individuals behind a certain event in a certain city and doing a worldwide search for Superman. How would the US Government even know where to start looking? For all they know, Superman doesn't even have a secret identity or live in the US if he does. Things like the Boston bombing or the Vancouver hockey riot where social media and technology were used to find the perpetrators are far more narrow and smaller in scale. You have a starting place, You trawl through footage of the specific event for suspicious individuals. Launching a massive investigation into who Superman is when you don't even know if he is someone or where to start looking is a completely different situation. You'd need a Person of Interest sort of scifi machine.

Furthermore, even if your points were correct, they do not necessarily lead to the conclusion that any semi-realistic take on Superman requires abandoning the Clark Kent disguise. As shown by the numerous examples from Nolan's "realistic" take on Batman, all you need to do is provide the audience with a plausible explanation and have it make sense in the confines of the story. People only ridicule the Kent disguise because live action adaptations like Superman Returns and Smallville didn't take it seriously and sell it with conviction. They poked fun at it and lampshaded it.
Just playing Devil's advocate, but wouldn't searching Metropolis be a good place to start? The city is known for being the home of Superman and it is likely that Superman in this universe will at least spend most of his time there especially if WB wants MOS in a shared universe (you won't have Superman spending just as much time in Gotham as in Metropolis). That would already narrow the location of Superman down to just a single city as opposed to the whole world.

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