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I don't have any problems seeing why those that dislike TDW do, but for me I think it's a more consistent film even when judged against smaller parts of MoS. I think TDW managed to be what it wanted to be, while I don't think MoS does, which is why I have the opposite opinion when it comes to which is the better film.

For example, I feel that the entire Krypton segment is an exercise in self-contradiction. I also think it unintentionally paints Superman in a bad light at several key stages (and I'm fine with him killing Zod). I don't think TDW has such stability problems. The odd part about MoS was that I went in with several specific worries but all of them turned out to be good things and instead it was the rest that didn't work for me.

Even though I really like TDW I'm still surprised it has worked as well as it has with the critics this far (the US is likely to sink it a bit, like they usually do) because basically mixing Norse mythology, LotR and Star Wars is a very bold thing to sell to the public. When you analyze it like that it seems extremely tough to pull off, while MoS does something much more conservative with something that is already established with the public.
Actually, I think Man of Steel and The Dark World are consistent in what they wanted to achieve. I just think the Dark World had the potential to be more than what it is and you can see it within the framework of the edit. It's too fast. Nothing holds weight because we're rushing to the next thing. And the comedy placement in the second half doesn't help matter.

Having said that, when it does work (especially visually), it's quite enjoyable to watch. The cast is giving it their all and I do love the implications of the ending when it comes to the two lead characters.

But, I think Man of Steel fully reaches it's potential for almost all of it. I think the Dark World doesn't. And I don't really think it's Taylor's fault that it doesn't.

Have you seen his interviews? Boy, does he not look all that thrilled with the cut that's released.