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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
Actually, I think Man of Steel and The Dark World are consistent in what they wanted to achieve. I just think the Dark World had the potential to be more than what it is and you can see it within the framework of the edit. It's too fast. Nothing holds weight because we're rushing to the next thing. And the comedy placement in the second half doesn't help matter.

Having said that, when it does work (especially visually), it's quite enjoyable to watch. The cast is giving it their all and I do love the implications of the ending when it comes to the two lead characters.

But, I think Man of Steel fully reaches it's potential for almost all of it. I think the Dark World doesn't. And I don't really think it's Taylor's fault that it doesn't.

Have you seen his interviews? Boy, does he not look all that thrilled with the cut that's released.
I couldnt agree more with your summation of both movies. I have said it a lot these past 2 years, but Thor had the potential to be bigger and better than The Avengers, but for some reason Marvel didnt want that, and some of what Taylor wanted to do, which I think would have made the movie better, was dumped in favour of humour and safety.

MOS was thankfully left to its devices, and while it had some problems it was a much more satisfying movie to me. Thor 2 was good and very enjoyable, but you just cant help feeling they didnt explore the potential of the story, and the misplaced humour does effect things, especially in the 2nd half of the movie.

Originally Posted by J.Howlett View Post
It's not so much in what he says. It's just watching the video interviews, you can kind of read between the lines that this was not the cut he wanted.

The interview with Taylor, I think, is the one that clued me in on his unhappiness with portions of this cut.
Yeah, its subtle, but his unhappiness with a lot of things is there, he obviously wanted the movie to be darker, but he mentioned having to stick to the marvel 'model,' he mentions this several times in the Empire article from the recent issue. I think the movies problems come from Marvel's interference, same with TIH and IM2. As I have said before I like around 70% of the humour in the movie, but around 30% was mis-placed and not very funny, and it under-cutting serious moments is a BIG problem of both phase 2 movies so far. The run-time was an issue as well because things just moved too fast, many scene's needed more time to breathe.

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