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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

The Marvel or Disney interference could also explain why he doesn't want to come back. Sure there could be many things, perhaps he prefers to film TV series or something else, but I think that could be part of the reason too. I remember during the Phase I time that some people involved in making the films weren't very happy with Marvel Studios when it came to salary and freedom. Of course there is such problems in every studio, but there was alot of talk about that back in the days.

At the same time, I understand MS too. Perhaps Taylor's original ideas weren't the best, we will never know. But I feel that MS might be playing it a bit too safe, while they also are some of the most gambling studios (I mean: GotG and Ant-Man? Iron Man in the first place? That shows confidence!). A slightly darker Thor movie wouldn't hurt, and I'm not speaking about Nolan dark, but more like what the trailers made it look like. I don't even think "dark" is the right word, but a bit less fluff and more weight.

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