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Default Re: Transformers RPG Season I IC Thread


I go back to my home and pick up my own supplies. I put my scientific and mechanical equipment into my form and leave it behind. Hopefully, it will still be intact when I get back.

Everyone has hear rumors of the Autobot's plan of "The Ark." Exploring the depths of space to search for more Energon. If I can do any good in this war, it is there.

Problem is, the rumors never actually said WHERE this Ark is.

So I walk through Cybertron, looking for someone who sounds like part of the Autobots. I try to act as calmly as possible. You're just enjoying a quiet walk, Ratchet. You're just taking in the air. Nothing to see here, Decepticons.

As I turn the block I hear someone speak to another, "Inferno, deliver the message to Prime. Let him know that I am taking every precaution necessary for the launch of the Ark."

I put my back to the wall and listen on. The more I eavesdrop, the more obvious it is that these are Autobots. One walks away and I walk towards the other, realizing that I have absolutely no idea what the scrap I'm going to say but damnit I have to say something.

"Excuse me, sir?" I ask and he turns around. He hasn't fired at me yet, that has to be a sign. "I know you may not know me, but I'm here to put my services to Sentinel Prime and the Autobots. I was hoping that you could help me by telling me where their base is."

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