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Default Re: How to make Hawkman?

Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
Well, if this is any indication of Hawkman's popularity, I guess this movie will tank, or won't even get greenlit. This news has been up all day and so far, no new threads have been started, hardly anyone is talking about it, and the Hype has yet to even mention it on the main page. Considering they'll throw a story up there about the Old Spice guy making a lame "please pay attention and cast me" teaser to play Luke Cage, I'm guessing that very few people are interested in a Hawkman movie.

Shame... there's a lot of potential there. He's pretty much DC's Thor equivalent. But I suppose he's never caught on quite the way some other heroes have, for whatever reason. I was always partial to the Katar Hol version, but I guess that was probably because that's the version that was around when I first got into comics. Plus, his costume was SO much cooler (IMO). I loved the body armor look.
I think in these kinds of situations (where the character is not popular) you should be allowed to reinvent them to some degree, but what is most important is to find an audience that would appreciate the story or find a story that would suit a type of market and tailor the character and the franchise to that audience. Hawkman would fall into the action/fantasy/romance/adventure genre, which is pretty good sized market. If you could tailor the story more towards fantasy and romance, you could attract the fantasy buff and a good number of females (which would make up half your audience, by the way). Exploiting the reincarnation aspect of Hawkman and the romantic relationship between Carter and Shayera could do that. You would have to test to see what size a market would appreciate this and then scale your budget up or down to fit that market size (and insure that you don't lose your shirt in the process).

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