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Default Re: How to make Hawkman?

DarkSovereignty: From what I have heard, Carpenter, Dante and Landis are all trying to make comebacks with new projects.
I read somewhere that Carpenter did not like new action films because of the editing, that it often is cutting too fast in the fighting sequences to cover up weaknesses among the people behind the films (stuntmen/actors, camera angles etc). Then I wonder if he's right for a superhero adaption. It's just something about Hawkman that seems right for Carpenter. Perhaps I only imagine things that aren't real?

Carpenter could do it in the old classic way, like how they made action flics decades ago, but give a modern feel to it - how does that sound?

OH, for some reason I just came to think of Public Enemies.... should Michael Mann do Hawkman? I don't know, it's confusing.

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