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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
Sam wasn't part of G1. The name was Spike. And Blackout and Barricade weren't G1 either. Ironhide was obviously based largely on Rhinox in robot mode. Optimus did gorrilla type acrobatics. The story and pod landing borrowed from Armada.
Hmm in Armada the mini-cons come in a starship that half crashes on earth. But the Bots and Cons arrive via transgalactic teleporter. Where are these pods of which you speak?

Originally Posted by Shadowboxing
Sadly, you're wrong. Because Blackout is not a combaticon named Vortex and Barricade is not a G1 micromaster for the Decepticon race team. Blackout was, however, a character in which he is unrelated as well.
Blackout was a G1 micromaster as well. Although Blackout and Barricade draw more from Energon than G1.

Originally Posted by Shadowboxing
Well considering Rhinox had a similar voice, duel gattling guns ....I'd have to say the parrallels are apparent. Ironhide was chief of security.
I always felt that Rhinox was based on G1 Ironhide. Or rather Rhinox was what Ironhide could have been with better writing.

I for one welcome our new red flamed, fish-lipped savior. May he always defend us from the scrap metal Devil.
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