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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

Originally Posted by chiefchirpa View Post
First, show me the evidences/quotes.

Second, of course they don't want an exact G1 movie (see the Wiki link very down below). They're making a movie largely based on G1, because that's what most people remember of TF and I don't have to explain this again and again. It's Captain Obvious.
That's the most ridiculous crap I ever heard. The only reason G1 gets re-referenced is copyright issues. That's why Optimus, Megatron and Starscream show up in future incarnations because they don't want to lose those characters. And yes they are highly marketable, but keep in mind Optimus, Megatron and some form of Starscream and Bumblebee have all been part of the Transformers-verse. G1 died 20 years ago, they make future incarnations to sell a new product, not an old one.

Hasbro in fact is the one who adviced them to drastically change all the designs.
Piss Off.

Read the Wikipedia articles I show you. Vortex is the name of Blackout in the original script but it's later dropped because of copyright issue. Unlike you, I gave evidences to support my cases.
They were originally going to call them Soundwave, but dropped that as well. It's immaterial, they called him Blackout.
Unless you're watched the movie half-sleeping, I don't see either of those guns are gatlings. And your don't need to watch the movie to know what guns that Ironhide carries.

"His weapons include an energy cannon mounted on his left forearm and a missile launcher on his right forearmis weapons include an energy cannon mounted on his left forearm and a missile launcher on his right forearm"

You're a making a fantasy world, where you had this image of movie Ironhide having a twin gatling gun and stick by that image. Face it you, you're wrong.
The guy who did the voice of Rhinox does Ironhide's voice in the game dumbass.
Who said it's a King Kong tribute? I said it may be easier to walk those CGI creations on screen like King Kong.
And Optimus Prime was a monkey for quiet some time. As me and Lars have tried to tell you, this is not a G1 movie. It's a combination of ALL the franchises being celebrated in one movie.
You're just imagining that they take the lips from Beast Wars.

Okay to make you happy, look at like this:

Movie Optimus Prime takes the lips from Beast Wars, but on the other hand it takes voicework, name, personality, transformation mode, quotes, rifle from G1.

Lips... against the whole shbang. How's that?
So what, me and Lars point still stands it's not a G1 movie, it's a 20 years of Transformers movie. And furthermore the Alt.mode is the same as his G2 form bud.
The writers wrote the story, but Bay as Director could interject the story anytime he feels to. Again you're escaping the fact that the TF movie is made out of respect of the 80's shows and toys.
The designs, the story, the Allspark and most of the alt.modes have little or nothing to do with the G1 show.
Heck the whole series can't be made without derivating from G1. G1 maybe has a poor original show, but it has a set of mythos inherited to the predecesors and this is the series which most people identify TF with.
G1 was a comic before it was a show. So by your logic the Marvel comic was the inspiration...except for the fact that the producers didn't look towards that comic, and were instead sent the IDW and Dreamwave books instead.
Read this thoroughly. You will again babble like an ignorant before reading it.
You're the one who keeps shouting G1 film like a chicken with it's head cut off, not that article. It just mentions that DeSanto and Murphy sought to make a G1 film then goes onto say how Bay and Hasbro pushed them away from that.

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