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Default Re: The Screenwriting Thread

Originally Posted by NamesAreUseless View Post
Well I think I'm going to enter the script contest on these boards, however I really didn't realize how many actual SERIOUS screenwriters there are here!

I'm working on my first script ever, with about 0 experience ever writing one, and with about no inhibition to get in the screenwriting industry. I'm using Microsoft Word to write my script (I was using ScriptBuddy and Celtx, but then its much easier to edit in Word). I'm at like page 7, so I got a loooooooong way to go :/

Mine should be a PG family film, but with plenty of action. I won't spoil the rest, it would spoil the surprise!
Remember that we all start off with 0 experience, then we start to strive and write and that experience is gained.

PS: I also use Microsoft Word.

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