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Default Re: "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?" - The Original Cast Thre

They already announced that they are working on X-Force, why would they label it as a mystery film? Its either they are not sure when to release it or they are keeping it secret or X-Force isn't getting the July 2018 release date. Plus if Wolverine 3 is being released in a non-summer month, shouldn't they do the same for X-Force, given that its not as popular/tested as X-Men/Wolverine.

I do think if the 2018 film is featuring the OT cast. They will have a big returning cast!
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especially if James Marsden, Famke Jannsen and Kelsey Grammer appeared at the end of DOFP. Obviously if those three returned for the end, people would expect them to return, if the story of present X-Men is gonna continue.

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