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Default Re: How would you make Superman Relevant?

I agree that he is relevant and that we shouldn't try to make him relevant as people should aspire to him. But do you guys have any ideas on how to do this.

In a weird way I kind of think that superheroes do exist, not their powers, but the personality types certainly do. Take Batman for instance, Miller and Nolan both have stated that FDR and Howard Hughes were influences.

This prompted me to watch the 1983 film the Right Stuff which centers on the Mercury 7 astronauts and Chuck Yeager. Hal Jordan is basically a rip off of Chuck Yeager, along with Jim Kirk, Han Solo, etc. Every time John Glenn shows up on screen though I couldn't stop thinking that this was a real life version of superman. sort of this Dudley do right, we need our Dudley do rights now.

Realism isn't always bad, especially when evil is a very real thing. I think that people give up sometimes, they get hurt and they stop believing in goodness, of humanity and their own. Look at TDK, people thought that was the best installment and its the one where the Joker wins, then years later Aurura. This shows me that people love darkness, because they think that this is the true nature of themselves. Martin Scorsese said that his film The Departed was about our socity post 9/11 that we were now at a moral ground zero, having lost faith in goodness.

As for Morrison that is one of his best moments, full of heart but not much brains. Sort of like the conflict between Superman and Lex. The thing is I truly believe that heart wins out in the end. That in the end heart is the smart move. Morrison gets that I'm not taking away anything from his writing. His method though, to remind us that superman is a character to aspire to, is to make him less real. Morrison's Superman is a modern myth, an ideology that deals regularly with the fantastic and the all the other myths of old. I get that and agree with that. Its a good interpretation of the character. I do believe that Superman is human goodness and virtue personified.

I also understand that there is no way in hell his writing is for everyone. Many people, if not most need realism. I'm not saying that I want to see sweat stains on superman's armpits, but people do need real examples of goodness before they can believe in the miraculous. Honestly, I want to bug people with superman, make them think about what is means to be a superman.

I think of Kingdom Come, What is so funny about Truth Justice and The American Way?, and Superman For All Seasons. Superman is a character that should call us out, hold a mirror to society and say "hey stupid! you are better than this!"

Now I think this is easier said than done. I am crossing my fingers for this film.


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