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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
I'm sure it will still be Star Wars regardless. We have no idea if all of these decisions are Disney's some may be Kathy herself, and Disney is backing her decisions. But I trust them fully.

As for the plot I'm excited for it. Some want something completely different then Sith, but Sith are the "pure evil" and Jedi are the "pure good" and Star Wars always has that kind of conflict. We all knew it was going to be something of a new army rising up it is "Star Wars" after all lol Not Star Battles. . I actually got really excited about it if its true because really (even though it was not followed very well) this Sith will go against the rule of 2, and try to go back to rule of thousands like the KOTOR days. To me mixing that in there is awesome. I'm really down for that idea.
Well i'm sure they both must agree with the final decisions made. There's probably some compromises also, but at this point i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I remain positive until i see the final product, always!

Yeah, them going really old school and breaking the rule of two would be neat to see. Tons of sith fighting tons of jedi = to me. I know the political aspect of the PT was hated by some, but i really hope they do show where the Republic is at after so many years after the fall of the Empire. I'm always intrigued by that aspect of the movies.

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