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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Disney hasn't released a good game in IDK when so if they restructure Lucasarts to be a disney game company then look for games marketed at kids with characters appealing to them. I don't see disney putting out Mature games.
Ya either was Lucas Arts though. The thing is Disney won't make these games at least the big ones. I'm sure mobile stuff and small little website games ya. It's cheaper and more lucrative to have other companies make them for you, licenses them out. I will bet they will not be making the main games within Disney. So Lucas Arts and Disney's in house gaming has been terrible. But that's why I will bet they will do what they did a lot in the early 2000's and just sell the right to devs that have lots of talent. Marvel and all the stuff they've done it's not just "for little kids". Star Wars has never been about Mature audiences alone it's for everyone. But it can have a dark side, but not extreme.

So many devs would love to use the Star Wars name, and I'm sure Disney knows this. Star Wars is one of the strongest names out there to put on something.

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