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Default Re: Underrated Films: Your Opinion

Originally Posted by Max J Power View Post
-The Grifters. One of those movies that was acclaimed and nominated for awards at the time it came out but isn't well known now. One of John Cusack's best performances; he's pretty underrated in general.
-The Crying Game. I feel like many people now remember it more as a reference (because of its famous twist) than the movie itself.
-Young Adult. Great movie that kind of went under the radar. Its ending is absolutely brilliant.
-Idiocracy. Thankfully, it's found more fans over the years, but I still think it gets a little undersold on how clever it is.
-Tron. I'm kind of amazed the filmmakers thought up the whole computer world and religious allegory with text-only computers and early arcade games as their only points of reference.
-Matchstick Men. Cage and Rockwell are great together.
Good man. Most posters just list awful comic-book films that they like in this thread. Your list is solid.

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