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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
You're right--they do have to change it up, otherwise, it's just a flip-book for the original comic.
It's really hard to let go of the "For Asgard!"/"For Midgard!"/"For Myself!" moment, though.
Actually... this is film so...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
You could have Odin and Loki on Asgard fighting Surtur or Hela or both, Odin says "For Asgard!", at the same time cut to Thor on Earth fighting Malekith and/or Kurse and he says "For Midgard!" and then cut back to Loki's face, in response to what Odin just said, just mutter with a roll of the eyes, "For myself..." Could work. I'm tellin' ya. It would be a hell of a twist if Thor didnt make it back in time and blamed himself, and the Asgardians blamed him too.

Edit: and come to think of it, it makes A LOT more sense for Thor to say "For Midgard" in this context. Hm... I wonder if that's what he's bellowing in that funny picture someone snapped of him. I will LMAO in the theater if it is.

Finally, I heard that someone is going to tease Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 about being in the "Superfriends".
HA! COOL! I watched that as a kid.

More seriously, I recall that Hemsworth said in an interview one time that Vikings took their dreams very seriously. If they dreamt they would die in the next battle, they were certain it would happen. Conversely, if they didn't dream it, not gonna happen. He asserted that gave them the fearlessness for which they were famous in battle. Presumably the Asgardians would reflect that to some extent. So if no one (especially Frigga) dreamt of bad things from Surtur, then they probably would assume it would all work out (although I do recall in that famous For Asgard/Midgard/Myself page, Odin does say something to the effect of, "what better way for a god than to die with his sons by his side?")
I think Odin knows at least something about when he will die, and I suspect that's what the coronation at the beginning of Thor might have been about.

What exactly is the moral sacrifice to which you are referring?
The moral sacrifice being...
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
that Thor is being asked to let Midgard be taken to protect Asgard and other realms. So in other words, let that one realm go in order to save the many other realms including Asgard. This is not a "moral sacrifice" that Thor can accept however. So he in a way, will be seen as failing Odin and Asgard, but being triumphant for Earth... as the synopsis said "most perilous and personal journey yet" that will "force him to sacrifice everything to save us all".

On Andrew Lawden...
[SPOILER]That could be, if we think that Andrew Lawden's spoilers could involve plot points from later in the movie. However,
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
he went on to say that Jane, Thor, and Loki go on the journey to the Dark World. So the possession can't come so late in the film. since there seem to be so many events that come after it.
I'm still just a little bit skeptical of some of what he says, some could be him trying to piece things together and making leaps that are not going to be true (they film out of order, so he could be making assumptions that aren't correct) , and some could be misinformation fed out in order to keep fans off balance. One question I had about it for instance, isn't this week the first we've seen of Natalie filming Thor 2? I'm pretty sure we'd have heard about it if she was in Iceland at all. Also, I just can't believe all this was put out so willingly. It may be true, it may be not true, either way the whole thing is strange.

I like the idea you have about the crater and where the Dark Elves are marching in from. That makes sense.

The other conclusion we could draw is that the dark elves are *really* lousy pilots! Either that or they haven't bothered to design landing gear--lol. So not enough Midgardian influence on their culture .
HA! Well they have big ears, not big eyes... so...

On Jane opening a portal, I just question why they would want to, or anyone would allow her to do that after what happened in Avengers when a portal was opened. They dont know what's on the other side, and probably don't want to know.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I think Natalie Portman was only on set on Tuesday. (Her trailer was labeled "Jane" on Monday and by Wednesday it was labeled "Malekith"). So maybe Thor flies through the portal and tells them to get up to Asgard where it is safer, not realizing that the other attack is coming.
I'm thinking more that Heimdall is keeping an eye on Jane and so if Thor shows up suddenly in her world for whatever reason, that Heimdall told him that she's in danger or he needs to talk to her about something she's doing that she shouldn't do, such as what you suggested with the portal.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Hmmm, that doesn't quite fit with the Bourne Woods scene, though. Okay, new idea: the army attack at Bourne Woods is completely uncoordinated with the two ship attacks. The dark elves see that that is going down, and they decide this is a good moment to pile on too. So then they launch their ships. The one headed for Midgard gets there before the one that gets to Asgard.
I think in regards to the Bourne woods scenes

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
That if it's Hela then it may very well be her ship of the dead that she is building that crashes. Like I said that was posted at about the same time they were filming that, and I'm having a hard time picturing a ship flying into Asgard and crashing into *that* massive palace and a stuntman/guard running away. Maybe, but I'm thinking it could be Karnilla's much smaller palace being attacked, assuming this is Nornheim. I think they may very well be working with the Dark Elves to co-ordinate attacks. But I think if they are going to show two big ships crashing like this, they need to make them different.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
You'll get your bingo sooner or later :P, Though I do like your idea. You have a very creative mind, I like how you are able to think outside the box. It makes speculation easier
And keep in mind, if Feige and Marvel is smart then they need to think outside the box, and think of ways to surprise not only the general audience but the established comics fans. Otherwise no surprises for them, and where is the fun in that?

I could see them doing that. I really don't know how to flat out makes mistress death work without a bit of head scrating. Maybe have her be a hallucination of his. Other than that, Hela works.

I think it is fine if they put hela is death's place
I agree, some adjustment, but it could work. As mentioned elsewhere it's a bit confusing to the general audience to have 2 female figures associated with death here.

It's reading posts like this that make me really think this is going to be THE marvel movie of phase 2, just like ironman 1 was of phase 1 (prior to the avengers)
Yeah I know! Yay!

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