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Default Re: Official: United Football League

UFL To Fold? Not officially...but at first I thought 'Gee, maybe my memory is bad and the title game was always suppose to be today, Oct 21st' No, was suppose to be Nov 4th or 5th. League CANCELED games...O-M-G you don't even have MONEY for a full 7 game season.... Now it's 4 game reg season...Omaha and Sacramento play a consolation game tomorrow night for their 5th games and Las Vegas goes for that rare 3-peat title win over Virginia--who they beat last two years in title game--when team was Florida.

For what it's worth, Veetle will have live web stream at 8pm EST for Title game in Virginia. likely a death blow now...


Found that link searching google...CBS AND TNT said 'No' to airing games in summer. Guess that happens when you have 5, then 4 team league. . At least UFL clearly states they are open with working with NFL...

Just 4 giggles, NFL should say 'Merge with us, we move Las Vegas to LA in a few years, Virgina to Toronto, etc' Doubtful.


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