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Default Re: What did Christopher Nolan think of the other Batman movies?

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People tend to go out of their way sometimes when they say that BF is not a sequel to the Burton dualogy. The fact that it picks up right after them thematically pretty much confirms them as sequels. Regardless of stylistic changes the narrative built off what Burton built. Oh and yes the Batchlers were basically commissioned by Burton then Schumacher had Goldsman also get involed and add a lot of bullcrap to it.

BF could've been a really good movie if Schumacher had actually taken it seriously. As it is it's very bipolar but still decent. I rather enjoy it a lot personally outside of the villains. I can't stand them. Even Carrey's Riddler. He's no Frank Gorshin.
I completely agree.

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The more you know.
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