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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Anyone else still get choked up a little when they watch the period where Alfred leaves Bruce up until the point where he comes back inside his now empty house with Miranda?lol

I never thought that I’d ever see a version of Bruce Wayne, that I would actually feel really sorry for. I mean, I felt bad for the character sure when he lost his parents, but not as much until I saw the moments mentioned above. You really got a taste as to how lonely the guy was, not to mention that his entire life was crumbling before him. Alfred left him, he was left broke, he was kicked out of the board meeting, and there was really no one that he could turn to for real emotional support. I think Joker’s line to Gordon on being depressed at how alone he was would be better suited for Bruce at this given time.

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