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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Scarlet Witch has been the center of many Marvel stories recenty. House of M, Avengers Dissassembled, Children's Crusade, and others. Now she is in Uncanny Avengers.

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I think one of the keys to Wanda in the Avengers is to tie her into Vision's storyline, so I'd wait until Ultron and Vision have shown up before I'd devote any solo movie to her. You'd have to make some alterations to the storyline --- you could still do Wundagore and the High Evolutionary, but no Magneto, of course. And Agatha Harkness as her mentor would be out the window, since Fox needs her for both the FF *and* X-Men. Instead, I'd probably shoot for Dr. Strange taking her under his wing, and go ahead and make her a true "witch" instead of giving her a mutant power over probability and "hexes."

So I'd place her movie, if she gets a solo, after both Ant-Man and Dr. Strange have come out, and after Vision joins the Avengers. Probably closer to Phase IV than Phase III, unfortunately.
I would first make a whole movie centered around Hank Pym finishing his Ultron AI creation, leading to Ultron's attack on the Avengers (which Scarlet Witch could be in already) and Ultron's creation of Vision, who turns on Ultron and joins the Avengers in the end. Then use the solo movie about her to focus on her and the Vision's relationship. And in follow up Avengers sequels that the Vision and Wanda would be in show them together as a couple. Her father wouldn't really need to be focused on, just a mystery person who had ties to terrorism perhaps.

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