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Default Re: Characters you'd like to see in future Avengers movies?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
If this is the case then my idea isn't needed. This would be great.
I knew she wasn't in any other movies yet, but Quicksilver and Magneto were, and the concept of Mutants. So I figured with the way studios do movie rights that they wouldn't be able to do Scarlet Witch, but if it is possible they really need to.
Add her to my list of Avengers I want to see.

What about the Beast then? He too is an Avenger and an X-Men. Does he have the same status then? And can they use the concept of Mutants?
Marvel Studios definitely can't use mutants; not even the term.
There may be other characters on the studio "blacklist" that can go either-or like Wanda & Pietro; not sure if Beast is one of them, but it's a good question. I'd say Fox probably has exclusivity on him, but there's always hope.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
What would Marvel Studios gain by bringing in Wanda and especially Pietro? Without her mutant linage Wanda's character is missing a big chunk of itself and Pietro is just a non-factor all together.
Pietro is Marvel's Flash. And Wanda would most likely be sold to general audiences as a true witch per her namesake, instead of explaining her ability as some weird combination of genetic mutation and mathematical probability. So if the Avengers bring them aboard, you've got a resident speedster and magic-user with a lot of firepower, and that means a ton of special fx to make everyone ooh and aah. They're bankable. Plus, maybe you can generate some European interest by featuring a couple of European (non-Americanized, 'Tasha) superheroes.


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