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Default Re: Legacy of the wolven

I've been debating on how to handle that myself. Cicada Song is doing fairly well on Amazon (well, it's free, but I'm going for publicity at the moment). I've gotten 74 reviews for a 4.3 out of 5 star ranking and I'm proud of that. I figure once I hit 100 I might try to get an agent, showing them that my book has legs and that many of the comments are asking for more (and I will give them more).

However, I've read that agents and publishers don't like to represent self-published books unless they're huge hits, but then, when last I tried to get an agent for Cicada Song I couldn't even get past the query stage. This will be my next attempt, but I'm worried that it's been self-published will hurt more than help, and without that I don't see anyone paying attention to it anyway.

Eh, the pains of a hopeful author.

Also, when you take your book down do you lose all your comments? Can you disable it and then reenable it later and just keep on going?

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