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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

Originally Posted by Lady_Sif View Post
That sounds interesting actually. Especially the part that Thor sneakes to Loki's cell and will aks for help. Cause I doubt this was officially ordered by Odin. This has been in the comics numerous times... That Thor has to decide for one world. I can picture that beeing part of the story.

But why do you think Odin will make Jane responsible for the invasion of Asgard?
Malekith tried once on earth to capture Jane, and when Thor stops him and brings her to Asgard for her protection Odin is not pleased.
Then Malekith goes after her on Asgard and a very tragic event unfolds that changes everything for Odin as well as Thor..."Grief clouds ones judgement and Odin is not above it, in his mindset jane arrival is the reason events unfolded as they did.
Malekith is bent on revenge and he must draw Thor out using jane as bait..He expects Thor will act rashly and come alone and then he will unleash Kurse as his trump card.. Loki will be the last person he expects to see arrive and stand with Thor.
Of course I am probably totally wrong but hey its fun sometimes to guess...The way the Teaser jumps around Its anyone's guess....

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