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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

Originally Posted by warriorking View Post
My take is that with the events that happen when jane is brought from earth Odin holds her responsible for the invasion of asgard and in his traumatic loss.
Refusing help and forbiding Thor to make an attempt at rescue of jane Thor is forced to disobey Odin and free loki which leads to the final battle,Thor dealing with Kurse and Loki fighting Malekith...My take on the trailer scene with Thor, Jane and Loki is after the battle Loki is clearly hurt in his encounter with Malekith and Thor is holding Jane as they head back to asgard..Thor will have to deal with Odin and make a choice between asgard or earth.....
I think what the trailer is showing is Malekith literally stealing Jane's soul in the "suspended in midair" sequence. She doesn't die from it; she just becomes, effectively, a soulless zombie. The only way Thor can restore her is to bring her soul back from the Underworld (Niflhel or wherever), and Loki is the only one who knows the back-doors into that accursed domain. Odin obviously wouldn't approve of Thor's shenanigans, so he's operating on his own here. Pretty sure the sequence on the blasted tundra with Thor, Jane and Loki is part of that descent into the underworld.


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