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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

In my opinion, I think Batman HAS fought someone comparable to Cap already.
I've Always seen Slade Wilson as DC's SuperSoldier writ Mercenary.
Slade VS Cap would almost be a more even (abilities-wise) match up.
But yes, either character could score a win over the other and have taken on characters who have abilities way up there on the metahuman scale.
But, what I see as a misconception here, is that Bruce is only SLIGHTLY under Steve and can get a few hours in the gym to get there...Steve, because of the formula (fair or unfair as you may see it) is the PINNACLE of human ability in all aspects. Speed, strength, endurace, etc...As impressive as Bruce is....and he's VERY impressive....he is limited to what his physiology allows. If he wanted to be a strong as Cap, he might be able to get there...But he'd end up looking like Frank Miller's Batman...Tank-like. And at GREAT cost to speed.
But to return to my earlier point, looking at a Slade vs Bruce match, I feel, would be a good guage of how their physical abilities might/have stack up against eachother.

"On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena...speed against Hermes...power against Zeus. But we measure courage...against Captain America."

-Hercules, Captain America #444

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